Develop safe, secure and standards-compliant software faster

For over 15 years Emenda has been helping software development teams write better code faster

Emenda has a long history of working with unit testing and safety-critical embedded software certification for Functional Safety (FuSa) Standards such as: DO-178C (DO-178B), EC 61508, ISO 26262 and EN 50128.


Today, Emenda helps customers to leverage modern tools and DevOps techniques to automate code quality and security compliance as part of their CI/CD Pipelines; enabling developers to focus on features and functionality.

Architectural Visualisation

Visualise your code archtitecture with Understand

Generate a architecture dependency matrix with Lattix 

Code Metrics

Use Understand to view project metrics

Measure metric trends with Lattix Web

Review code quality with HIS metrics

Defect Detection

Statically analyse your code with Understand

Coding standard

Validate against global standards and develop enforcement of custom standards with Understand

Enforce standards including MISRA

Code quality

Enforce architectural requirements with Lattix

Review requirements documentation with Semios

Security and license compliance

Manage Open Source Software License Compliance and Vulnerability Risk with FlexNet CodeInsight

Educate and assess developers in security awareness with Secure Code Warrior

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