Custom Rules Development

Validate Requirements with Custom Rules

Emenda has a great deal of experience in implementing custom rules and customer defined coding standards with the static analysis products that we supply, and support, including (Klocwork, Helix QAC and SciTools Understand).

For the Klocwork Static Analysis / SAST tool, it is possible to develop both custom Rulesets (Taxonomies), which are used to represent coding standards or guidelines, and custom Checkers, which are used to enforce specific rules within a standard.

Checkers may be mapped within Taxonomies to different groups (Categories) of issues, and these mappings can also be assigned References (e.g. Coding Guideline 1.2).

Custom checkers can be developed for almost any coding rule required. For example, naming conventions for classes, or behaviours around specific interfaces (e.g. don’t reference function foo() directly from any of the public interface functions). Thus, ensuring that the unique requirements of your own project or organisational standards can be automatically, correctly, and consistently enforced.