Tool Overview

Enhance Software Development with the Emenda Tool Suite

Emenda aims to provide a set of tools to assist software development in several key areas. Providing developers with deep, quick to access, knowledge of the source code. Highlighting ciritical software defects, security violations or enforcing common coding standards. Evaluating developers security knowledge and linking to a repository of training material where there is need for additional knowledge or refesh.


Providing knowledge of a project code base and the relations between entities. Understand can quickly display details of any object or type. View the raw details of where a variable is referenced or generate a graph of dependencies for a specific module component.

Software Architecture


Manage software architecture by generating a system dependency model. Identify dependency problems or configure virtual architectures to optimise dependencies between components.

FlexNet Code Insight

Manage OSS software. Identify and triage known security vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security
Online Training

Secure Code Warrior

Manage developer secure coding skills. Online challenges to review skill levels and highlight areas of improvement. Library of detailed explanations of known vulnerabilities.


Analyse technical requirements documentation. Highlighting contextual and semantic defects.

Document Audit