Where bright minds meet: ESE 2023 (Embedded Software Engineering)

ESE Congress 2023 ESE Pre-Conference 2023

As winter approaches, the embedded software community prepares for its annual pilgrimage to the ESE Congress, where innovation meets tradition.

Each year, the ESE Congress cements its status as the premier platform for approximately 1.200 professionals shaping the future of embedded systems to come together. 

ESE Congress is where tomorrow’s trends are born, and today’s practices are refined.

The congress is not just an event; it is the pulse of an industry eager to embrace the future, making it an unmissable fixture for everyone involved in embedded software development.

ESE Congress 2023 and the ESE Pre-Conference talks await. 

Emenda @ ESE Congress 2023

For ESE Congress 2023, we at Emenda are focusing on the ‘Understand‘ tool by SciTools which adds functional safety (ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and EN 50128) certifications and a whole stack of useful new features for security checking to the toolset.

Understand – already referred to as the Swiss Army Knife for developers – is now also evolving into a one-stop-shop for compliance automation; an indispensable tool for those navigating the complexities of embedded software development for mission-critical automotive systems.  

If you are attending ESE Congress 2023, then we look forward to seeing you there and being able to show you these latest features.

Alternatively, please join us online for the Pre-Conference presentation on how to automate compliance for ISO 26262 Part 6 using SciTools Understand, which covers many of these new features. 

ESE Pre-Conference 2023 Presentation 

In industries where precision and safety are paramount, the role of functional safety standards is significant.

Dr. Peter Wilks, a seasoned vanguard in this domain, is no stranger to the rigorous demands of automotive software development and long-term advocate of the use of ASPICE and Agile methodologies in achieving safety compliance.

And, as a TÜV SÜD certified instructor for ISO 26262, among other standards, Dr. Wilks knows what is necessary and what are the pitfalls of obtaining compliance.  

In his Pre-Conference Presentation – ‘Automating ISO 26262 Part 6 Compliance’ – Dr. Wilks shares his expertise and provides details of practical steps to achieving compliance to various elements of Part 6 of the standard – which deals with software development tasks – using the Understand static analysis toolset from SciTools.

And more importantly, how these compliance steps can be automated.  

Get your free ticket to the Pre-Conference presentation, December 1st @ 14:30 CET – Session 2 using the link at the bottom of the page. 

Acknowledging the global landscape of software development, Dr. Wilks’ insights will not be confined to just one linguistic group.

The session will be provided in German with English versions available, ensuring that the critical knowledge imparted is accessible to a broader audience, fostering a culture of safety across language barriers. 

Understand for Functional Safety 

SciTools’ Understand is a static analysis tool designed to help software developers in the tasks of developing, maintaining, understanding, and documenting their code.

In the context of functional safety, where quality, reliability and compliance with standards are all vital, Understand can be particularly helpful in the following ways: 

  • Code Quality Analysis: Understand provides a detailed analysis of the codebase, identifying potential code smells, bugs, and other quality issues.  
  • Coding Standards Conformance: Understand can be used to check code against various well-known coding guidelines, such as MISRA, AUTOSAR C++, CERT, etc. 
  • Complexity Metrics: It provides various metrics that help in assessing the complexity of the code. Lower complexity usually translates to higher reliability.  
  • Dependency Analysis: Understand can generate dependency graphs and other visual representations of code structure. 
  • Refactoring Support: By providing insights into the code structure and dependencies, Understand can aid in safe refactoring of the code, ensuring that changes do not introduce new risks or violate safety standards. 

Understand TÜV Süd Certification 

A significant recent achievement for the Understand toolset is its attainment of TÜV Süd certification for several functional safety standards, including: ISO 26262, for automotive systems, IEC 61508 for general electrical and electronic safety related systems, and EN 50128 for rail systems.

This certification is especially beneficial as it aligns Understand with the stringent requirements often mandated or highly preferred by regulatory bodies in various countries for functional safety software development. 

Automotive Security and ISO 21434

Having achieved significant improvements in functional safety over the past decade, the automotive software industry is steadily turning its focus to security.

This is exemplified by the arrival, in 2021, of ISO 21434 for automotive cybersecurity engineering and the growing interest in security coding standards, like CERT, which is referenced by the ISO 21434 standard.

Scitools Understand provides coverage for all three existing CERT coding standards: CERT C, CERT C++ and CERT Java.

And the Secure Code Warrior secure code learning platform, provides developers with context relevant security training, covering another key aspect of the ISO 21434 requirements.  

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