SciTools Understand - Code Visualization and Analysis

Understand from SciTools is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring and visualizing code bases.

Accessed via a streamlined Information Browser, Understand provides a comprehensive overview of your software in a quick and easy format. Rapid insight into your code base is enabled through a wide range of metrics, customisable reports, graphs, a set of dependency analysis functions and accurate search facilities. Combined with a customisable, fully-featured programming Interface, this is the best programming editor for maintaining and understanding code.

Understand runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac, with support for the following programming languages:

  • Ada
  • Assembly
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Delphi
  • Fortran
  • Java
  • Jovial
  • Pascal
  • PL/M
  • Python
  • VHDL
  •  Web


How it helps

Programmers’ Editor | The editor has been designed to match the best programming editors and IDEs, but with the addition of features for maintaining and understanding code. The GUI features tabs, tab groupings and docking. The editor also has syntax colourisation, auto-completion, syntax-based collapsing and folding. A built-in ‘browse’ mode turns the editor into a web browser for code, providing a wealth of information and the file and folder comparison feature allows you to compare entities, files and folders quickly without the need for a parse. With an advanced ‘diffing’ function and the ability to customise workspaces, this provides unparalleled insight into your source code.

Code Metrics | Standard metrics can be generated, depending on the language being analysed include:

Basic Metrics

  • Class Count
  • File Count
  • Function Count
  • Ratio Comment to Code
  • Comment Line Count
  • Executable Statement Count
  • Code Line Count
  • Declarative Statement Count
  • Line Count

Custom Metrics

  • Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Class Coupling
  • Path Count
  • Percent Lack of Cohesion
  • Base Class Count
  • Number of Instance Methods
  • Max Inheritance
  • Weighted Methods per Class
  • Knots
  • Inherited Class Count

Further custom metrics can be developed via a full Perl API interface to the database, which includes a fully developed plug-in mechanism.

Instant Search | Using Instant Search, Understand allows you to search millions of lines of source code quickly and easily. Instant Search uses an index that is built up incrementally as files in your projects change, allowing you to search for single words and enter more complex queries using wildcard characters or Boolean logic.

Graphs & Maps | Understand provides a number of graph types, helping you to get insight into your software. These include:

  • Declaration Graphs
  • Hierarchy Graphs
  • Control Flow Graphs
  • UML Class Graphs
  • Dependency Graphs
  • Tree Maps

Reporting | Understand can generate a range of reports, which fall into the following categories:

  • Cross-Reference Reports
  • Structure Reports
  • Quality Reports
  • Metrics Reports

For more information, visit the SciTools Understand product website, here

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