Lattix DSM analysis for architecture complexity, quality and sustainability

Architectural visualisation and enforcement.

The Lattix toolset allows you to create dependency models of your systems, including applications, databases, services, and configuration files to facilitate effective management of your software architecture.

Discover, Optimise and Control your System

The Lattix Enterprise Suite is a collection of desktop and web applications, command line utilities, and a web-based repository that will empower your development organisation. Architects and developers can analyse their systems in detail, edit the structure to improve the design, and specify rules to formalise and communicate the architecture to the entire organisation. The result is better quality, improved reliability, and higher productivity.

Discover, Analyse, Define and Control System Architecture

Lattix Architect and Lattix Analyst are desktop applications that enable you to create Dependency Models of your systems, including applications, databases, services, and configuration files. With Lattix Architect, you can analyze your architecture in detail, edit the structure to create what-if and should-be architectures, and create design rules to formalize and communicate that architecture to your entire development organization. With Lattix Analyst, you can load a project created with Lattix Architect to perform such tasks as impact analysis and rule verification.

  • Understand the detailed dependency of every low level element.
  • Decomposition hierarchy enables massive scalability.
  • Re-engineer systems and generate work list.
  • Design rules allow precise specification of layering and componentization.
  • Control how 3rd party libraries are used.
  • Metrics to measure complexity, stability, cyclicality, coupling and other measures.
  • Open API to extend, customize and integrate into tool chain.

Continuously Monitor and Communicate Your Architecture

Lattix Web provides a convenient and powerful way to publish and track the evolution of your projects. Lattix Web includes a Repository, which is updated manually using Lattix Architect or automatically by your build system, and is accessed from a web browser. The extended team can use their browser to view Project Tracks with Snapshots of each build and compare Trends of changes, architectural violations, metrics and a variety of other data. Now it is easier than ever to communicate this critical information to your entire organization.

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