Verification and Validation Activities

Emenda can handle part or a complete set of verification (Review, Testing, and Analysis) activities for you

It is the combination of code review and software module testing that provides assurance that a software module satisfies its associated specification, i.e. it is verified. The verification of software shall be planned for each phase of the software safety lifecycle, and this information shall be documented. Verification required by certification have to be planned, performed and validated. By means of these activities necessary risk reduction can be achieved (errors in your software are avoided, detected and fixed early and economically). Our services range from doing the complete work until a coaching or review for our customers and conform to the main safety standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128 and DO-178B or C. Emenda provides services for the following verification (Review, Testing, and Analysis) processes:

  • Requirements Based Testing
  • Specification Review
  • Testing Phase
  • Test Specifications Review
  • Test Implementation
  • Test campaign host
  • Code Review
  • Training related to verification activities

lifecycle Requirements Based Testing The requirements-based testing (RBT) process addresses two major issues:

  • Validating that the requirements are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent
  • Designing a necessary and sufficient (from a black box perspective) set of test cases from those requirements to ensure that the design and code fully meet those requirements. In designing tests two issues need to be overcome:
    • Reducing the immensely large number of potential tests down a reasonable size set
    • Ensuring that the tests have the right answer for the right reason.

The overall RBT strategy is to integrate testing throughout the development life cycle and focus on the quality of the Requirements Specification. This leads to early defect detection which has been shown to be much less expensive than finding defects during integration testing or later. The RBT process also has a focus on defect prevention, not just defect detection. Why would you be interested in Requirements-Based Testing?

  • If you believe you are working with requirements that are not clear and complete.
  • If you believe your test cases take too long to execute, and you still have too many defects after testing is complete
  • If you believe that you have to cut time and costs from your software development and testing projects

Specification Review The intent of a Specification Review is to identify anything that is unclear, ambiguous or incomplete in the Specification. This assessment will also check that Requirements are written to a level of detail required to produce a sufficient set of test cases to validate the system’s functionality and the level of detail required for testing does not add anything to the standard for developing requirements specifications. The Specification review may also enclose the traceability review. You can trace a requirement back to the defined and agreed-to business goals for the project, and you can trace the requirement down to the design and code that implements it and the test case that tests it. Testing Phase The objective of Emenda is to assist clients in improving the quality of their software while reducing time to deliver and reducing cost to deliver even if software take part of a certification process. This is achieved via quality process assessments; practical, workshop oriented training classes; hands -on mentoring; and turn-key testing services. Emenda provides consulting, mentoring, training and software in software testing, specializing in the following:

  • Test Specifications Review
  • Test case implementation
  • Test Process Development (RBT)

Test Specifications Review After review of requirements which is an activity that should be undertaken with utmost care and such review should be done systematically to ensure the clarity, correctness and testability of the requirements. All the questions and concerns on the requirements need to be resolved before moving on to the Test preparation phase Any work product that is considered as a deliverable, should be peer reviewed. With Test specification (test cases/procedures) playing such an important role, it becomes necessary to ensure those are effective, precise, and optimized. This is when Test specification (test cases/procedures) review activity helps. Test Implementation Customers can outsource their Requirements Based Testing tasks to EMENDA experienced consultants. Emenda perform the initial ambiguity reviews of Test Specifications, quantitatively identifying the deficiencies. Once the issues identified in the ambiguity reviews have been resolved, Emenda implement test case specifications using the Emenda software (our applicant’s tools) and carry the effort through to completion of a quality product Even in those projects where we are doing the bulk of the testing, we suggest that key members of the client’s staff work with us side by side. In this way we get the job done in a timely manner while doing technology transfer to your people. Test campaign host At the end of the project, all test cases have to be run to produce associate certification evidence that may be an important overload. Emenda’s team will handle this campaign to:

  • Provide strong infrastructure to run test campaign
  • propose and/or implement optimization for inputs
  • Emenda produce artifacts for certification

Code Review With its expertise in verification tools, Emenda developed an expertise on static analysis approach and is able to perform precise code-level measurements of maintainability, security and reliability. This expertise is supported by state-of-the-art tools (e.g. Understand + Klocwork + Flexnet Code Insight). Emenda has the ability to interpret the resulting outputs and produce a high quality code analysis report, to assist project managers in the decision-making process and developers in the code improvement process.

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