Tools Qualification

Emenda provides services for tool qualification.

Tool qualification requires very specific skills and it is a punctual activity.

Emenda is a major player in the activities of tool pre-qualification and tool qualification. We can provide you with technical support on the requirements assigned on tools for development and verification phases.

Our services range from doing the complete work to coaching or a review for our customers to conform to the main safety standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128 and DO-178C / DO-330 (TQL-4).

Emenda provides services for the following tool qualification processes:

  • Tool Chain Analysis
  • Construction of Tool Qualification Kits
  • Application of Tool Qualification Kits
  • Tool customization for certification purpose
  • 1 day training over Tool Qualification Process

Emenda Tool Assessment

Tool Chain Analysis: Classification of Tools in Tool Chains

All tools used during development, verification and validation have to be evaluated for qualification purposes. Thanks to its dual knowledge of both certification and tools, Emenda’s teams are able to assess the environment and state to find out if tools have to be qualified

The tool chain analysis defines a given tool chain by defining its tools, use-cases, features and artifacts that connect the tools. An analysis model allows to determine the required confidence in the tools.

Construction of Tool Qualification Kits

A tool qualification kit shows that the tool has the required confidence. Using qualified tools in a tool chain reduces the effort for detecting errors in tools and improves the development quality.

Thanks to its dual knowledge of both certification and tools, Emenda constructs strategies for qualification kits that offer a high degree of flexibility for the integration into different tool chains. The tool chain analysis allows to qualify only the critical features and errors of the tools.

Emenda cooperates with your tool providers and authority during the construction of qualification kits. These services include coaching, building of qualification kits, validation and construction of test cases.

Application of Tool Qualification Kits

For certification purpose, the qualification kit has to be run in the development environment to qualify it. Without certification purpose, the application of tool qualification kits increases the confidence into the qualified tool. The results are a tool qualification report that contains the tools errors with mitigation proposals for the mitigation (detection/prevention) of the found errors and a tool safety manual. This allows to use the tool in a well-defined and confident way.

Tools Customization for certification purpose

Tools may have to be customize to fit to specific certification purpose.

Thanks to its dual knowledge, certification and tools, Emenda’s teams are able to customize, to adapt tools and fit to certification constraints

Deployment of a user-operated platform. Support can be provided for the selection, deployment, configuration, adaptation and use of a quality assessment platform.


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