Safety Standards Training

Emenda provides practical training and material to aid you in understanding of your standard.

Emenda understands that classical trainings are not efficient to help to face your new challenge, get through a certification. Emenda helps you to fill in gaps between your current assurance level and the new higher level, first by assessing your current situation, then by delivering practical customized training, coaching and certification document templates.

Emenda performs the following assessments:

  • Certification Training
  • Starter kit for certification

Certification Training

Training session listed below are a representative sample and can be tailored to your need:

Software Quality oriented:

  • Introduction to verification activities (Analysis, review & test)
  • Workshop : The MISRA-C 2012 Coding standard
  • Software Functional Safety Assessment.

Standard oriented: IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO 178B/C, IEC 62304, EN 50128, IEC 60880

  • Introduction to the concept of one standard
  • Workshop : Software Development for one standard
  • Workshop : Deploy an effective strategy for Software V&V
  • How to qualify my tools
  • A better understanding of the differences and commonalities between standard.

Starter kit for certification

Emenda Starter kit for certification help software team in creating and submitting their development for certification to the highest rigors of industrial safety standards

Templates are usable for both new development and reengineer legacy applications to applicable standards

Starter kit for certification is provided with an efficient support from Emenda’s certification experts

Please contact us to get more detail about our Starter kit for certification.

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