Quality Assessment

Emenda is able to assess your certification strategy, and to provide you with an overview and a roadmap.

To help manufacturers meet their standard certification requirements Emenda has created a quality assurance division able to perform an onsite or at subcontractor site a Process Oriented Assessment (GAP analysis).

Our services range from doing the complete work until a coaching or review for our customers and conform to the main safety standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128 and DO-178C.

Emenda performs the following assessments:

  • Process Oriented Assessment – GAP analysis
  • Subcontractors assessment & support

Process Oriented Assessment – GAP analysis

An Independent assessment, verification and validation expertise is advantageous and is recommended. It gives an indication of how close you are to conformity, and will help to plan actions to achieve conformity

Through an on-site audit and an interactive process analysis, Emenda analyzes existing safety procedures for compliance to industry standards, focus on finding holes in software life cycle’s plans, requirements, design, code, verification (test, review, analysis), quality assurance and configuration management processes.

Subcontractors assessment & support

Your company is mature and structured in terms of certification requirements but you don’t have time to select and support your subcontractors. Monitoring your outsourced activities is also time consuming,

Emenda can support you by:

  • Selecting your future subcontractors
  • Evaluating your subcontractors,
  • Training your subcontractors,
  • Reviewing the data submitted by your subcontractors
  • Performing process oriented assessment at your subcontractors site.

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