Perforce and the Emenda group ( are pleased to introduce the EMENDA qualification kit of Klocwork for DO178C/DO330 also compatible to all the following standards ISO26262, EN50128, IEC61508.

This qualification kit provides a unique concept to qualify your own Klocwork configuration. You have the possibility to choose the checkers (included in Klocwork and/or your own custom checkers), metrics, API function and generate automatically all the documentation and outputs to reach the certification objectives.

Thought for company deployment

The Emenda Klocwork Generic Qualification kit permits multi project deployment.
You can use it locally or you can deploy on your server via the server part of the qualification kit. So, all the clients with access could import their own project settings to generate their dedicated Klocwork qualification.
The Emenda Klocwork Generic Qualification Kit is developed in command line to quickly use it in a continuous integration process.

Emenda Klocwork Generic Qualification Kit includes

KLOCWORK CHECKERS QUALIFICATION | Around 350 checkers taken into account, Severity 1, 2 and MISRA checkers fully covered for C, and C++ language.

CUSTOM CHECKERS QUALIFICATION| Emenda has the possibility to develop your own custom checkers (naming rules or specific checkers) and qualify them into the Emenda Klocwork Generic Qualification Kit.

METRICS QUALIFICATION | You have the possibility to qualify the Klocwork metrics and your own metrics rules.

WEB API CERTIFICATION | The Emenda Klocwork Generic Qualification Kit is compliant with the qualification of the Klocwork WEB API as the Search API function.

AUTOMATIC QUALIFICATION DOCUMENTATION GENERATION | A specific module generates all the documentation (in HTML 5, DocBook or PDF) for your specific standard and customized to your own project just specify the list of items that you want to qualify and the following documentation will be generated:
• A Tool Operational Requirement Document included qualification information, operational guide and all the requirements
• A Software Test Document included all the functional tests and the traceability matrixes (Top-Down and Bottom Up)
• The list of features under qualification

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