Jenkins Klocwork Plugin Migration Services

The pace of change in the world of DevOps and Continuous Integration is like no other and the Jenkins Klocwork Community Plugin – maintained by Emenda – is developing rapidly to keep pace to allow users to take advantage of new technology, new approaches and new fundamental thinking.

Recent enhancements have made the plugin capable of handling Continuous Compliance checks and Quality Gateways, Pipelines, Job-DSL, Security Reporting, SonarQube integration and much more…

Our professional services team – many of whom actually worked on the development, testing and documentation of the plugin – are available to assist in migration of your existing Jenkins Klocwork jobs to the new plugin and guide you on the new features and supported best practices.

This is what you will see when the plugin is correctly installed.

If you wish to find out more about the Jenkins Klocwork plugin then click here

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