Secure Code Warrior Tournament – June 2020

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Challenge your Security Skills!

The Emenda group, expert in online training, and the company Secure Code Warrior, offering a training platform on security aspects, have decided to join forces to offer free trainings/tournaments to all our customers. The Secure Code Warrior platform offers an innovative online training approach on security aspects including languages such as: C, C++, C#, JavaScript, GO, Python….

As part of this collaboration, we offer fun tournaments / training on security aspects and vulnerabilities. It will thus be possible for you to evaluate your level in “coding security” and to perfect your expertise. Don’t hesitate to associate your colleagues, developers, architects, quality managers in order to fully benefit from this experience.

The tournament is on running all day from 8am CEST to 8pm CEST

You, and your team, are welcome to join the tournament throughout the day.
Full details of the event and how to join will be provided by email.

What's Involved in the Tournament

Head over to the Secure Code Warrior website for more details

Register to Join the Tournament - 25th June 2020