SciTools Understand “Best Practices” Seminar

Please join us for 1 Hour Seminar to discuss advanced features in SciTools Understand solving common software developer headaches. It is Available every week (or on-demand for your team, online or on-site. Please contact us for more information).

SciTools is an extensive tool and the number of available features can be overwhelming. In fact, Emenda finds that in many companies, users only use and benefit from a few of the available functions.

This 1Hr workshop goal is to review the usage of SciTools Understand in your organization and to extend the benefit of its use among your developers. This is done by first reviewing how the tool is used, and then by investigating where the tool could be used to better help with current challenges. The workshop provides a minimal “get started” training needed for any new use cases to be implemented, but also some valuable tips and tricks for seasoned users.

This seminar is designed for:

  • New users that are looking for an introduction to the tool,
  • Existing and seasoned users looking to know more about what they haven’t used yet,
  • Development managers interested in increasing the benefits of the tool in their organizations and willing to investigate new strategies for documentation, cooperation and quality.

Please contact your sales representative or Monica Mendoza at
Monica.Mendoza[AT] for information on how to reserve your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


The Seminar will be presented by Stephan Raynaud, a Principal Consultant with Emenda USA. If you want to know more about Stephan and how he uses SciTools Understand, please read one of his latest article here.

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