Demonstrating your Software Compliance and Achieving Safety Standards Certification

Certification and the need for tools are two areas that are becoming more and more important in software developments and inevitably, they are increasingly intertwined. Emenda has made its foundation on this convergence to build its credibility and expertise .

Employees of Emenda have over 15 years’ experience in auditing critical applications and are able to support you in the major industrial areas.

safety compliance


  • DO-178B/ED-12B
  • DO-178C/ED-12C
  • DO-278A/ED-109a
  • DO-331
  • JSF coding standing
safety compliance


  • ISO 26262
  • ISO/IEC 15504
safety compliance


  • IEC 62304
  • FDA/CDRH 510(K)
safety compliance


  • IEC 61508
  • IEC 61511
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9126
safety compliance


  • EN 50128
  • EN 50129
safety compliance


  • IEC 60880
  • IEC 61513

Certification & tools

Emenda is a major player in the activities of tool pre-qualification and tool qualification. We can provide you with technical support on the requirements assigned on tools for development and verification phases.

Certification & verification activities

Functions realized by embedded software have differentiating values for embedded systems. Thus the software quality has a direct impact on the customer awareness. Software quality is influenced by software errors and flaws leading to missed deadlines and higher costs.

Code analysis, supported by tools, required by certification are applied. By means of this analysis many runtime errors in your software can be detected and thus fixed early and economically in your development process.

Certification & Quality assessment

During verification activities and support the use of tools, Emenda experts have faced many problems whose root causes were faulty processes or activities. To help manufacturers to meet their standard certification requirements, Emenda has created a quality assurance division. These experts are able to assess your own or your subcontractor’s certification strategy, to provide you with an overview and a roadmap.

Training and Certification Material

Emenda understands that classical training is not efficient to help to face your new challenge and get through a certification. Emenda helps you to fill in gaps between your current assurance level and the new higher level, first by assessing your current situation, then by delivering practical customized training, coaching and certification document templates.