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Now available, the Klocwork Spectre variant 1 checker detects potential Spectre vulnerabilities in your code.

What is Spectre: Spectre variant 1 exploits a CPU optimisation technique, known as speculative execution, which may open the door to your critical data.

What to do: You can detect and resolve vulnerable code patterns using static code analysis. Intel recommends applying LFENCE instructions to vulnerable code sections to stop speculative execution locally.

How to fix: The Klocwork Spectre variant 1 checker flags any possible instances of tainted data and identifies code patterns that are suspect under speculative execution. This solves the hardest part of remediation: Finding where the vulnerabilities exist. You can then focus on fixing them.

Take action:

  1. Blog: Understand what Spectre means and what to do about it (Rogue Wave)
  2. Whiteboard video: See Rogue Wave’s developer walk through a code example and Klocwork demo
  3. Download: The latest version of Klocwork, including the Spectre variant 1 checker (or request a Klocwork trial)

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