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Securing Software in the Connected World

Software doesn’t exist in isolation; it operates in a complex and hostile ecosystem of technologies that makes it unpredictable – and that we understand well.   For over a decade, organisations have relied on Security Innovation’s assessment and training solutions to make the use of software systems safer in the most challenging environments – whether in Web applications, Automobiles, IoT devices, or the cloud.

Staying Ahead of the Threatscape

Security Innovation’s six Centres of Excellence (CoE’s) serve as the nerve centre for ongoing research and knowledge dissemination on critical computing platforms, technologies, and emerging threats. They yield ongoing methodology refinement, skills progression, and custom tools development that helps us understand systemic causes that lead to vulnerable software – and fuel our innovative approaches and solutions.

The CoEs enable our assessment and remediation business to deliver accurate, timely results. Additionally, insights developed by SI experts are fed directly into our training courses to ensure they always contain the latest offensive and defensive tactics.

For further information on the Automotive CoE, Download the Datasheet.

Pioneers in Software Security

Security Innovation are a team of world-class engineers, security analysts, creative thinkers, and problem solvers.  Collectively our experts hold over 100 industry certifications and accreditations.  They also develop software products ourselves; thus, they understand the challenges of building security in, the trade-offs between functionality and security, and how to take a risk-based approach to vulnerability management. This first-hand experience makes it easy to “explain” complex topics and findings to various audiences, from engineers to executives.

Security Innovation Courses:

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Security Knowledgebase, Created for Developers by Developers

Using TEAM Mentor, find quick, reliable resources from secure coding standards, code snippets and checklists built from 10+ years of targeted security assessments for Fortune 500 organisations.


Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Security Innovation President & CEO Ed Adams talks about being named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 2nd year in a row!

Additional credentials:

  • Published the industry’s first security testing methodology, which has been adopted by Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and others.
  • Gartner Cool vendor and multiple Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders designations
  • Apple and Barracuda Network Hall of Famers, Privacy by Design Ambassadors, and Ponemon Institute fellows.
  • Authors of 18 books, including 10 co-authored with Microsoft
  • More than 200 industry conference presentations in 6 different continents
  • Co-inventors of the widely adopted STRIDE and DREAD software threat management techniques
  • Creators of the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) eLearning modules, which are mandatory training for Microsoft world-wide product teams
  • Security partner to the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS teams, helping secure their platforms, components, and the applications that run on them
  • Numerous appearances on CNN, NBC, and New England Cable news and provided expert testimony for Congressional hearings, State court cases, and vendor champion engagements.

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