Klocwork provides integrations for Eclipse-based IDEs and Visual Studio, as well as a command line utility and standalone graphical user interface to work together with the developer as code is being written. Not only does it act as an aid to ensure code is written to a high quality, but also provides detailed help on why it has produced a warning.

This delivers serious productivity gains for related software development and testing, an overall rise in software quality, and also education for your entire software team.

The developer’s workflow is rather simple and Klocwork will not affect their normal work. The Klocwork analysis is run automatically on code changes, and as new issues are found the developer can either:

  • Fix the Klocwork issues by implementing a fix in the code, or
  • Tell Klocwork to “Ignore” specific issues. This message is then sent immediately to the Klocwork server database

We can then ensure that all Klocwork issues are fixed before committing code to any version control system, as illustrated below:

Developer Workflow

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