Software security is the responsibility of the whole software development organisation and we all have a part to play. 10 years ago, security in embedded systems wasn’t a major problem – outside of telecommunications – but in today’s world, everything is connected – from cars, to homes, to factories – and our industry has a lot to learn.

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Our first line of defence in the world of security is at the software level – secure and reliable code makes secure systems. Given that we can detect many of the problems that lead to security issues at code development, this should be an immediate and unquestionable first step. Emenda provides advanced source code analysis solutions that can detect everything from array boundary overruns to insecurely generated random number hashes.


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Continuous checking and continuous feedback, when married to a comprehensive and detailed help text system, also has another benefit in that is acts as a perfect on-the-job training tool for developers. Emenda can further extend this appreciation of the security pitfalls and best-practices with our Security Innovation training systems and courses.

If you think you don’t need security training, take a look at this post by our colleague Stephane Raynaud on LinkedIn Pulse:

5 Min Self-Test: Do you or your developers need Security Training?

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