Lattix 11 Released – Focus on DevOps and CI

What’s new in Lattix Architect 11

Lattix Release 11.0

  •  Improvements
    • Integration with Jenkins
      • Violations are now reported on the Jenkins console.
      • Users can choose to stop a build if new violations are detected.
    • Integration with SonarQube™
      • Lattix Repository can be connected to SonarQube.
      • Command lines can be used for continuous integration with SonarQube.
      • Users can display a DSM within SonarQube.
      • Violations can be displayed in source code within SonarQube
    • Integration with Jira™
      • Any work item can be exported to Jira.
      • Workitems can maintain Jira IDs, to prevent duplication.
      • Violations can be converted to work items.
    • The Visual Studio plugin now supports .NET projects along with C/C++ projects.
    • A new tool has been released for JavaScript analysis.
    • Improvements were made to lxbuild for parsing the trace files.
    • Lattix Repository can coexist with other instances of Tomcat on the same server.
    • Tips were added to improve usability of adding users to Lattix Web.
    • New scripts were added for detecting elementary cycles.
    • Support was added for ‘.aar’ files for Android.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Certain projects with manual dependencies could not be reloaded.
    • With .NET projects an exception could be generated when ldcdiff is run with ‘generatedetailedreport’.
    • Issues could not be loaded in the Repository.
    • Unused Elements report did not work on MacOS.

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