Klocwork Useful Scripts

Emenda offer the following Klocwork Useful Scripts, which you are free to download, modify and use for your applications (including commercial applications).

Klocwork Build Removal Script

The Klocwork Build Removal Script is a maintenance utility designed to prevent an excessive number of builds accumulating and taking up storage space. Within the script, a maximum number of builds can be specified to be retained and any previous builds are automatically deleted.

Klocwork Project Metrics Reporter Script

This script is written to output metrics data in the console. It can be downloaded in either a server project or local project version. Given a project path and a list of metrics, it will report whether the metric is function/class/file level and output its value. It can report as many metrics as you like, with a minimum of 1.




Klocwork Checkers Reporter Script

The Klocwork Project Checker Reporter displays details of all the checkers used for a particular project. It is launched from a Java environment (v1.4.2), so it is inherently compatible with Klocwork versions 9.0+ and can be run from either Windows or Linux. The output can take the form of a standard output from a console, an xml file or a csv file. This allows the data to be processed into a report or used in a database.



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