Klocwork Community Plugin for Jenkins

This plugin integrates the modern and comprehensive static code analysis tool, Klocwork, into the highly extensible Jenkins CI platform.

Klocwork & Jenkins

klocworkKlocwork is a powerful inter-procedural, control-flow and data-flow static code analysis engine static analysis for C, C++, Java and C# used widely in the safety and security critical industries.  Klocwork complements any Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Deployment (CD) setup by delivering valuable static code analysis findings about source code – automatically. By automatic we mean: no tests need to be written and no manual input is required – Klocwork simply ‘looks’ at your code and provides feedback. What kind of feedback? Learn more here

Jenkins LogoIn the early days of CI, Jenkins quickly became the de facto standard for CI tools and remains so today. Traditionally, Jenkins was run on a “server” that sat under someone’s desk and was used to run a build every night (on the same machine), much akin to cron jobs or Windows Task Scheduler with a more intuitive GUI and better reporting. Nowadays we are seeing the full potential of tools like Jenkins to orchestrate an entire automated approach to delivering software, and we are right there with it!

Key Features

  • Simplified creation of Klocwork static analysis jobs or tasks
  • Per-build pie-chart identifying Fixed, Existing and New issues
  • Per-project “Trend Graph” to indicate Klocwork results trend over time and builds
  • Supports multiple Klocwork versions (v9.6, v10.x, v11.x, v12.x)
  • Supports multiple Klocwork servers – different analysis jobs can report to different Klocwork servers
  • Supports multiple Klocwork build nodes (Jenkins Slaves) running differing versions of Klocwork
  • Allows job success criteria to be connected to static analysis results via a Quality Gateway
  • Uses existing Klocwork installations and licenses
  • Supports Klocwork full, incremental and incremental diff analysis
  • Plugin installed and updated via the Jenkins plugin repository / update center, no need for external install
  • Provides per-checkin CI analysis of just the changed files for minimum analysis times (new)
  • Support for Jenkins Pipelines (new)
  • Support for Job-DSL (new)

Help & Documentation

Full help documentation including installation tips and base requirements can be found here.

The Klocwork Community Plugin for Jenkins main Wiki page can be found here.

Download & Install

The Klocwork community plugin can be installed via the Jenkins Plugin Manager, from the Available plugins, directly within Jenkins.

No longer do you need for external hpi files from us!

You can see the full list of plugins from the Jenkins update center, found here.

You can also download the plugin directly via the Github repository, found here.

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