Klocwork ISO 26262 Compliance Report Tool

The Klocwork ISO 26262 compliance report tool, developed by Emenda, gathers data from a Klocwork project and generate a printable HTML report detailing the conformance of the project to a specified Klocwork ruleset (taxonomy).

The report is specifically designed to help provide visibility for ISO 26262 compliance by putting the relevant data into tables representing the set of granted and non-granted deviations from the ruleset being used (usually MISRA C 2004, MISRA C++ 2008 or MISRA C 2012 for ISO 26262) and the full set of Klocwork checkers that were enabled for the build in question.

ISO 26262 Example Report

ISO 26262 Compliance

For compliance to any of the ISO 26262 Section 6 coding requirements, there generally should be no occurrences of build errors in the static analysis tool or the compilation – since these would potentially undermine the correctness of the analysis – no instances of non-granted (unapproved) deviations, and all granted (approved) deviations should be commented with an appropriate justification.

Klocwork is configurable to provide a strict and documented workflow for deviation requests, reviews and approvals.

Klocwork supports a range of industry and internationally recognised coding standards, such as MISRA and AUTOSAR.


Provided as a Java executable that generates a printable HTML report, however if you have specific requirements or wish for the report in another format, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, we would be happy to discuss this with you and the options for adding this feature.


Details on the ISO 26262 standard can be found here.


To use this report, Klocwork v10 or later is required along with the relevant Klocwork taxonomy file for the ruleset being reported.

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