The Klocwork API and Dashing Dashboards

What is Dashing and Why is it Great?

There are many ways one can take advantage of the flexibility and power of the Klocwork API. Using Dashing, a popular open-source dashboard framework, you can make beautiful (dare I say ‘dashing’) dashboards that can give both a high level and detailed overview of all your Klocwork projects. This is perfect for managers and developers alike to easily determine the quality of their software.

Overview Dashboard

An overview page listing each Klocwork project and its correspondent quality grade makes it clear to managers which projects need following up on. The combination of Klocwork’s powerful analysis engine, the rich data it produces and an easy to use API allows the grade to be calculated from a single API call.

Project Dashboard

Clicking on the NotepadPlusPlus widget takes us to its project dashboard. Here we can dive in to more detail.

Thanks to the Klocwork API, it is dead easy to pull all sorts of useful statistics and trends from your Klocwork projects.

Widgets Powered by Klocwork API Data

  • Pie charts that show how issues are distributed by their severity on a per taxonomy basis
  • A line chart that shows how issues filtered by their state are trending
  • Bar charts that show how the cyclomatic complexity and issue statuses change over different project builds
  • Widgets that display handy information such as source code metrics and build history

Interactive Charts

The charts (based on chart.js) are even interactive. This means you can enable/disable data labels to compare precisely the data you want.


Your Turn!

This is but a spec of what is possible with the Klocwork API. What will you make?

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