software _auditMeasurement & Reporting

Anecdotal evidence doesn’t work in a world driven by economics. Measured and meaningful data is necessary to demonstrate the fruits of our labour and show the return on our investment. Emenda tools can provide the resources and data-points needed. The only remaining question is – how can we best present the information to meet the needs of your organisation or customers? We supply near turnkey solutions for project, department or organisation-wide reporting of quality metrics, architectural erosion, compliance gaps and technical debt.


Continuous Improvement

In management and development teams, it is important to have regular and visual updates to highlight progress or track issues. As new goals are added to the development, Emenda can guide you through the automated process to make clear reports of these objectives. Whether you use Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, or any other build management platform, Emenda can help!


Stop the Bleeding

Once there is an appreciation of the problems and the rate of decline, the task ahead can be overwhelming. Focusing on deterioration first allows us to prevent problems efficiently, freeing up resources to then look at the backlog as a separate and more cautiously approached task. Emenda delivers tools and expertise required to help manage the backlog and focus teams on where they can have the most impact for the least amount of investment.  


Faster feedback means quicker solutions and less cost. This is where Continuous Integration (CI) joins the mix. While testing for changes that break the build, why not also check for the impact of those changes on other aspects like security or compliance goals? Emenda provides fast, efficient and scalable solutions for continuous analysis, continuous testing and continuous compliance. Tools we provide such as Klocwork can perform pre-check-in, partial analysis at the desktop. This allows for changes to be read, understood and validated before even saved to the source control system, leading to significant improvements in awareness and productivity. No matter the development environment.  


Better Developers

Continuous checking and continuous feedback, when paired with a comprehensive and detailed help text system, creates a perfect on-the-job training tool for developers. Emenda can extend this appreciation of quality rights and wrongs, with standards-specific functional safety training (for example ISO 26262).    

Software_validationSingle Source of Truth

Confidence in the quality of our products is essential. How can we be certain in our process of delivering the client’s needs? Fundamentally, exhaustive testing is impossible but the need for a level of assurance that decision makers can rely on is recognised. A single source of truth! Whether it’s through the provision of code management, version-controlled release forms or a single dashboard to bring together the needed information, Emenda specialises in processes and techniques that are capable of doing this at scale.

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