Flexnet Code Insight 2018 R1 is Here!

FlexNet Code Insight

Better integration into the build cycle, better Enterprise IT integration and better analytics and usability. But there’s more. Have a look at the release highlights:

Updated analytics and improved usability

Search company wide open source inventory using a combination of relevant search criteria.

This release also includes a new report that analyses OSS security and license exposure and provides actionable next steps.

Why is it important?

  • Better usability for any product user
  • Rapid access to components based on relevant search criteria
  • Structured instructions on next steps accelerates remediation process

Why personas care?

  • Legal: Locate all components with a certain license category
  • Security: Access high risk vulnerabilities quickly and work on remediation

Integration into IT and build systems

Automate scans and discovery by integrating into Java build tools – Maven, Ant, Bamboo and Gradle. This release also includes support for LDAP/AD, GIT SCM and support for proxy connection.

A robust Software Development Kit (SDK) and a suite of REST APIs help your teams create custom integrations as needed for both build and run time protection. This release also includes REST APIs for reports.

Why is it important?

  • It’s easier to integrate FlexNet Code Insight into the build process and scan at all stages of the product lifecycle – during development, with every build, in test environments and in production.
  • Integrations are an important feature for any SCA product. An enhanced set of integrations will help in the sales cycle.

Why personas care?

  • Engineering/Development: Can better integrate scans in their dev/build/test cycles
  • Security / Legal: Can request frequent scanning at all stages and ensures better security/compliance.

Automated Discovery Framework.

Expanded OSS automated discovery in C/C++ code.

Expanded vulnerability data coverage

NVD recently changed its data to include all previous versions of a component that are affected by a vulnerability. The latest version of FlexNet Code Insight includes support for that data feed, providing you with the most accurate vulnerability information.

Automatically discover transitive dependencies of your Java code

The new release scans POM files to support automated discovery of OSS in Java dependencies in source code.

Additional security features for your projects

This release includes the ability to limit project visibility to only a small group.

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