Enterprise-level Static Analysis within QT Creator

Static Analysis within QT Creator

Static Analysis within QT Creator

Up until now, developers using the popular QT Creator IDE have had no easy way to statically analyse their code on an enterprise-level and get instant, within-IDE feedback. We are proud to announce that with the introduction of Emenda’s Klocwork QT Creator plugin, that has changed. QT Creator users can now expect industry-leading static analysis within QT Creator directly, adding seamless Klocwork integration into their workflow.

klocwork static code analysis tool

The plugin provides QT Creator with automatic, « on-the-fly » Klocwork analysis of your code while your developers are writing. By automatic we mean: developers do not need to write tests nor provide manual input. Klocwork simply ‘looks’ at your code and provides feedback. What kind of feedback? Learn more here.

This gives your developers the ability to test their code quality against over 250 C/C++/Java checkers satisfying popular compliances such as MISRA, NASA: Power of Ten, CWE, CERT, DISA STIG and OWASP, all at their fingertips without leaving QT Creator.

Emenda & Klocwork’s Collaboration

Static code analysis from EmendaHere at Emenda, our goal is to help our customers delivery better quality code and faster, and for a decade we have been working together with Klocwork, a leading static analysis tool, to help our customers do just that. A big part of our success with this is down to both Emenda and Klocwork’s focus on adaptability; we mould to your workflow, not the other way around.

That is why when we hear Klocwork users using an IDE not supported by Klocwork we listen, and work to make sure these users get to enjoy the same seamless Klocwork experience that is already provided for many other IDEs.

More Details

For further details or to to request a copy of the plugin, click here.

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