Emenda Klocwork Static Analysis CLion Plugin

Developed by Emenda, the new Klocwork Static Analysis CLion plugin allows you to analyse your C/C++ code within the JetBrains CLion IDE.

CLion klocwork plugin

View full issue details, issue traceback and jump to the file/line on selection. Other features include: continuous analysis, managing issue status and issue help text.

Emenda Klocwork CLion Plugin Configuration

Clion System Settings

Using the Klocwork system settings – Specify installation directory, Klocwork and license server details and enable continuous analysis.

CLion Project Settings

Klocwork Project Settings – Specify Klocwork Project and Build Specification details.

Bazel Support available

Recently, we have seen Bazel become increasingly popular with many of our customers that use CLion. As a result, we’ve developed support between Klocwork and Bazel. Please contact us if you require any assistance integrating Klocwork with Bazel.

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