EMC for Klocwork

Emenda Management Console for Klocwork

EMC is a replacement for the much loved Klocwork Management Console (KMC) tool, replicating many of the project build facilities of the original but without the project management features now included in the new Klocwork Review web-portal. A KMC-lite, if you will…


EMC is a Java-based graphical Klocwork build tool, which facilitates:

  • Building of Klocwork server projects from selected build-spec files with a „browse to“ button
  • Building of Klocwork server projects directly from Microsoft Visual Studio project or solution files with „browse to“ button
  • Building of Klocwork server projects directly from source directories for Java projects
  • Loading of analysis results to remote Klocwork Servers
  • Search and select additional JAR files for Java project builds
  • Additional include paths, libraries or defines for C/C++ projects
  • Additional free text build options for all project types
  • Environment variable settings for build shells
  • Persistent options settings

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