Requirements Verification in Microsoft Word

So, as so often is the case, your initial project ideas and notes have morphed into a formal requirements document in Microsoft Word, and now you need to make that something concise, consistent and unambiguous, in preparation for a more formal process henceforth. Requirements verification is what you need, and Semios can help!

Semios installs directly into Microsoft Word and provides within the toolbar the controls for the powerful textual analysis features – essentially like an inter-procedural static analysis engine for requirements.


Semios for Requirements goes further than a simple keywords analysis, by offering a contextual and semantic analysis.

Directly within Microsoft Word, it will then detect and highlight:
  • Fuzzy terms, such as: “as soon as possible”, “if needs be”, “properly”
  • Heavy use of coordinating conjunctions, such as: “but”, “therefore”, “however”, “neither”, which make the requirements hard to understand correctly
  • Heavy use of negations, which make the requirements hard to understand correctly
  • Use of passive voice, which tends to lead to omissions in the detail. For example, “Importing the file shall be done so…”. By whom ?
  • General expressions best avoided for a better understanding of the requirements, such as: “etc”, “TBC”, “TBD”
  • Multiple requirements within a single statement making testing the requirement more complex
  • Cases where the rational is included within the requirement
  • Non-conformity of the structure of the sentences, based on your set of rules. For example, the presence of a requirement that does not follow this structure: < Subject > < Action > < Object > < Condition >
  • Requirements composed of too many sentences or words.

Semios Requirements Verification, by Prometil, is also available for requirements written in Microsoft Excel and Rational DOORS.

Click Here for further information on Semios and please contact us for further details of how Semios can help.


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