Auteur : Ben Marsden

Handling Third-Party Code in Klocwork

Emenda’s Approach to Third-Party Code in Klocwork The integration of third-party libraries into your software projects has been well documented as bringing accompanying risk¹. You are putting yourself at the mercy of another organisation’s development practices and standards. The well-known proverb, « a chain is only as strong as its weakest link » warns us to take care… En lire plus »

Reporting Compliance with Klocwork

Emenda and Klocwork’s Approach to Industry Compliance Both here at Emenda and at Roguewave, we understand the importance of proving compliance and know that such a task can be a pain for managers and developers alike.

Emenda’s Klocwork QT Creator Plugin

Emenda are happy to announce Klocwork Plugin Support for QT Creator! Klocwork & QT Creator Here at Emenda, our goal is to help our customers delivery better quality code and faster, and for a decade we have been working together with Klocwork to help our customers do just that. A big part of our success with… En lire plus »