Author: Ben Marsden

Handling Third-Party Code in Klocwork

Emenda’s Approach to Third-Party Code in Klocwork The integration of third-party libraries into your software projects has been well documented as bringing accompanying risk¹. You are putting yourself at the mercy of another organisation’s development practices and standards. The well-known proverb, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” warns us to take care… Read more »

Reporting Compliance with Klocwork

Emenda and Klocwork’s Approach to Industry Compliance Both here at Emenda and at Roguewave, we understand the importance of proving compliance and know that such a task can be a pain for managers and developers alike.

Enterprise-level Static Analysis within QT Creator

Static Analysis within QT Creator Up until now, developers using the popular QT Creator IDE have had no easy way to statically analyse their code on an enterprise-level and get instant, within-IDE feedback. We are proud to announce that with the introduction of Emenda’s Klocwork QT Creator plugin, that has changed. QT Creator users can… Read more »

Emenda’s Klocwork QT Creator Plugin

Emenda are happy to announce Klocwork Plugin Support for QT Creator! Klocwork & QT Creator Here at Emenda, our goal is to help our customers delivery better quality code and faster, and for a decade we have been working together with Klocwork to help our customers do just that. A big part of our success with… Read more »