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Klocwork Community Plugin for Jenkins

This plugin integrates the modern and comprehensive static code analysis tool, Klocwork, into the highly extensible Jenkins CI platform. Klocwork & Jenkins Klocwork is a powerful inter-procedural, control-flow and data-flow static code analysis engine static analysis for C, C++, Java and C# used widely in the safety and security critical industries.  Klocwork complements any Continuous Integration… Read more »

Klocwork C# Additional Checkers

Additional Klocwork C# (C-sharp) Checkers, developed by Emenda. These checkers to add to the standard Klocwork out of the box rules, and have been found useful by other users. The checkers are delivered as one single Klocwork checker package but rules can be turned on individually. EMENDA.CS.IDISP.DESTRUCT Provide a destructor (finalizer) when you implement IDisposable EMENDA.CS.NOT.SERIALIZED… Read more »