The Team is excited about 2019!!!

It’s buzzing in here !!!! The Emenda Team is proud to present a 2019 initiative around SciTools Understand: We will show SciTools Understand off! By Showing off, we mean we will present how powerful the tool can become for you and your team. With the current roadmap, investing on Understand will become a “must” for individual users but also for the full team. Download the first Emenda USA Tech Sheet!Sign-up for the show, and not unlike “binge-ing” a TV Series, come back frequently to this page to stay tuned with all the upcoming events, seminars and new publications.

Where do I start?

Here is what we recommend to do first:

  1. Sign up and come to the weekly seminar we run about SciTools Understand. Please check the page frequently as new time slots are added frequently. The link to register can be find on the SciTools Website.
  2. Download and Read the basic “Cheat Sheets” for SciTools Understand. It is available for download here.

An Event, A Seminar? Where can I see it?

SciTools Understand: A C/C++ project done right. You missed it!!!
We will review how to set up a C/C++ the right way. Please contact us for a “re-do!”. This is super important to know how to set up your project right.
SciTools Understand: Setting up for Automation and DevOps You missed it!!!

We will review you how to set up Understand to automatically create an Analysis, including the generation of metrics and the validation through CodeCheck (MISRA, custom standard). This will allow an easy integration with Jenkins or automation plugins. Please contact us for a “re-do!”. This is super important if you use ‘git’. The sky is the limit, really 🙂

SciTools Understand: The SciTools APIs. A Get Started Guide. You missed it!!!
We will introduce you to the Perl and Python API to develop SciTools extension. This will include a quick refresher of Perl and python. We will review existing scripts, but also create a new one. 
SciTools Understand: The SciTools APIs. Custom Checkers NOW JUNE 27th, 2019
(was Thu, May 23rd, 2019) – 5PM (Paris)
This online session will show you how to create a custom checker in CodeCheck using the SciTools PERL API. Register HERE.
SciTools Understand: The SciTools APIs. GUI Extensions Wed, June 12th, 2019 – 5PM (Paris)
This online session will show you how to create a custom GUI Extension in Understand (graph and report) using the PERL API. Register HERE.

A Few notes:

  • The seminars are “Follow-Along”, so you are invited to have your machine ready with Understand installed.
  • The seminars are using GoToWebinar technology, please try it it here to make sure it’s working for you.

I want more of those tech sheets, Where can I find them?

If you like the Tech Sheets, please come back later for more. We will post all of them on this page. Do not be shy about reaching out and asking us for more topics and how-tos!!!! Also, ask about options for private sessions with your team.

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