Monat: Januar 2018

Creating Klocwork Metrics Reports using Custom Metrics

In this article, we will discuss how you can create Klocwork Metric Reports based on custom metrics. The end result is very similar to our article on creating Klocwork Metric Reports using the built-in Klocwork metrics. However, this article focuses on creating reports based on custom metrics that are NOT computed by a Klocwork analysis. Therefore,… Weiter »

Creating Klocwork Metrics Reports using Built-in Metrics

What are Klocwork Metrics Reports? In this article, we will go through the steps necessary to use Klocwork’s powerful built-in metrics analysis to produce interactive reports that will let you quickly spot code that needs refactoring. Here is an example of a report based on methods exceeding a cyclomatic complexity value of 20. If you… Weiter »

Enterprise-level Static Analysis within QT Creator

Static Analysis within QT Creator Up until now, developers using the popular QT Creator IDE have had no easy way to statically analyse their code on an enterprise-level and get instant, within-IDE feedback. We are proud to announce that with the introduction of Emenda’s Klocwork QT Creator plugin, that has changed. QT Creator users can… Weiter »

Emenda´s Klocwork QT Creator Plugin

Emenda freut sich, den Klocwork Plugin Support für QT Creator bekannt zu geben! Klocwork & QT Creator Unser Ziel hier bei Emenda ist es, unseren Kunden dabei zu helfen, bessere Code Qualität, schneller zu liefern. Seit einem Jahrzehnt arbeiten wir daher mit Klocwork zusammen. Ein großer Teil unseres Erfolgs liegt dabei sowohl an Emenda als… Weiter »