Month: November 2017

NASA Power of 10 Klocwork Taxonomy

The Power of 10 Rules were created in 2006 by the NASA/JPL Laboratory for Reliable Software. The rules are intended to eliminate certain C coding practices which make code difficult to review or statically analyse. These rules are a complement to the MISRA C guidelines and have been incorporated into the greater set of JPL coding standards. Developed by Emenda, the Klocwork NASA Power of… Read more »

Security Innovation in a DevOps Environment

DevOps is becoming increasingly popular with organisations accelerating the speed of developing applications and services. With this approach, security is often sidetracked which could prove costly for organisations. It doesn’t take any longer to write a line of secure code versus a line of insecure code, you just need to know the difference. Through Security Innovation‘s… Read more »

Using Klocwork with Docker

Containing Klocwork Builds with Docker There are a number of options when looking at managing Klocwork build machines for multiple environments and tool chains. The original solution involved providing each environment with dedicated hardware. Then the ability became available to host multiple operating systems concurrently on the same hardware using virtual machines. The next step… Read more »