Squoring CloneTracker

Improve your design and reduce your maintenance cost

CloneTracker allows you to find and track artefact clones and textual duplication. Clones are important to trace as they represent more code in your application, which means more to test and more to maintain.

There are multiple reasons that cause clones:

  • ”Quick and dirty” Copy/paste
  • No coding rules in place
  • Confusing Requirements
  • Bad design (No software platform, shared libraries…)
  • Too much complexity
  • Modified Re-use code

Removing duplication contributes to the technical debt strategy by reducing the number of duplicated bugs and duplicated coding rule violations (e.g. Klocwork findings). It also contributes to the maintainability by avoiding confusing duplicated pieces of code and easing the test coverage challenge and therefore, the tool improves team collaboration.


Over continued use, CloneTracker helps to increase the software reliability and sustain the project innovation.

CloneTracker helps to “improve your design and reduce your maintenance cost”.

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