Semios for Requirements

An Intelligent requirements proofreader

Semios for Requirements automatically analyzes your technical documents. Semios goes further than simple keyword analysis, by offering a contextual and semantic analysis.


Semios directly integrates into your tool-chain, quickly installed and easy to configure via the wizard and is ready to analyze your first technical requirements in 10 minutes.

Improve the quality of your technical documents and focus on the technical aspects. Semios can be used by not only the quality department, but by everybody involved in the technical areas of your project.

Gain time in your certification process by improving your quality analysis at an early stage of the project development and decrease the number of issues in your technical documents.

Fully compliant to the industrial rules (ARP4754A, DO178B/C, IEC61508, ASPICE, ISO26262, …), Semios enables you to reduce extra cost around software quality.

All the warnings are sorted by severity to focus on the most important problems.

With Semios, there are more than 80 pre-defined rules and the opportunity to adapt them to your own standards.

Semantic Analysis



You don’t have to download yet another tool for proof-reading. We develop add-ons for every tool you may use.


Semios is as easy to use as your spellchecker. The add-on is integrated into your tools and customized by our team. You only need a click to use it.


From a generic basis, we customize Semios to fit your professional context and ensure the consistency of the analysis.


By using Semios for Requirements day after day, your teams will learn what makes a good requirement. The more they use it, the more they will improve their skills at writing useful and precise requirements.


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