Work Locally, Scale Globally

Connect distributed teams, protect your assets, and speed up your release cycles with Helix, the industry’s most flexible and scalable SCM versioning and collaboration tools.

A Single Source Of Truth

Helix is a unified platform for collaborative development and protection of any type of intellectual property. It includes…

Helix Versioning Engine: With DVCS capabilities for files of any type or size

Helix GitSwarm: Complete ecosystem for Git-based development

Helix Swarm: Comprehensive Gerrit-style review application

Powerful Versioning Engine

Version, manage and secure any type or size file—code, designs, 3D models, media, environment artifacts, binaries, or business documents. With the powerful Helix Versioning Engine there are no limits to individual file size or total volume of data. Now with native DVCS capabilities!

Apps For Everyone

We’ve got role-specific desktop apps for all the different ways people work. No matter what asset you’re working on—from code to Photoshop files—Helix makes it easy to collaborate without conflict. Powerful tools to manage branches, diff and merge, track revision graphs and resolve blame make file archaeology simple.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Helix Swarm offers an elegant collaboration interface that lets all stakeholders review, comment and approve iterations to product elements—be it changes to code, artwork, design, documents, media or images. Easily track your decisions and choices.

Git in the Enterprise

The Perforce GitSwarm ecosystem delivers a more capable Git experience for developers and release teams alike.

  • Repo Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Access Control
  • Synced to a
    Mainline Repository

Industrial Strength

Helix can take it—heavily automated environments, tens of 1000’s of users, tens of millions of transactions a day, terabytes of data… you name it. There are no limits to file type or size.

Open, Flexible, Extensible

An open platform supported by well documented APIs that allow you to customize Helix as you like. SDKs are available in C/C++, Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. Out-of-the-box plugins and integrations with IDEs, design and CAD tools, as well as integrations with product lifecycle tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Jenkins.

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