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Enterprise-level Static Analysis within QT Creator

Static Analysis within QT Creator Up until now, developers using the popular QT Creator IDE have had no easy way to statically analyse their code on an enterprise-level and get instant, within-IDE feedback. We are proud to announce that with the introduction of Emenda’s Klocwork QT Creator plugin, that has changed. QT Creator users can… Read more »

Klocwork NASA Power of Ten Taxonomy released

The Power of 10 Rules were created in 2006 by the NASA/JPL Laboratory for Reliable Software. The rules are intended to eliminate certain C coding practices which make code difficult to review or statically analyse. These rules are a complement to the MISRA C guidelines and have been incorporated into the greater set of JPL coding standards. Developed by Emenda, the Klocwork NASA Power of… Read more »

Security Innovation in a DevOps Environment

DevOps is becoming increasingly popular with organisations accelerating the speed of developing applications and services. With this approach, security is often sidetracked which could prove costly for organisations. It doesn’t take any longer to write a line of secure code versus a line of insecure code, you just need to know the difference. Through Security Innovation‘s… Read more »

Security Innovation – Centre of Excellence (Automotive)

Security Innovation Logo

Security Innovation’s six Centres of Excellence (CoE’s) serve as the nerve centre for ongoing research and knowledge dissemination on critical computing platforms, technologies, and emerging threats. They yield ongoing methodology refinement, skills progression, and custom tools development that helps us understand systemic causes that lead to vulnerable software – and fuel our innovative approaches and solutions…. Read more »

Klocwork AUTOSAR C++14 Taxonomy Released

Developed by Emenda, the Klocwork AUTOSAR C++14 Taxonomy allows for the checking and reporting of violations to the AUTOSAR C++14 coding standard. Released in March 2017.  The document from AUTOSAR provides guidelines for the use of the C++14 language in critical and safety-related systems. For further details or to to request a copy of the taxonomy,… Read more »

Klocwork Community Jenkins Plugin 2.1 Released

We are pleased to announce an updated version of the Klocwork Community Jenkins Plugin, Version 2.1. This release includes a number of fixes: Resolved an issue where the publish step didn’t pick up the KLOCWORK_LTOKEN environment variable if set through Jenkins Resolved an NPD issue in the build result evaluator when using variables for configuration… Read more »

Announcement: 10 Years of Emenda

The end of 2016 marked 10 successful years of trading for Emenda. These have been 10 years of great achievement and constant growth, to celebrate this success, our annual conference 2017 took place in Shanghai, China. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all our customers that have been working with us for… Read more »

Perforce Helix: Security & Compliance with Intellectual Property

Perforce Helix protects critical IP with comprehensive security capabilities, including flexible authentication, strong password security, fine-grained access controls, high- visibility audit logs, secure replication, and third-party tools integration. The following whitepaper highlights the distinct advantages that the Helix version control platform provides to help lower your organisation’s risk for IP data loss and security, and… Read more »

Emenda @ ECS Stockholm, November 22-23

Emenda at ECS 2015

Emenda are once again attending the Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS) this year, in collaboration with RogueWave. ECS grows steadily each year, and 2016 promises to be a very interesting event for anyone working in the embedded space. There are several presentations planned in the schedule which directly target quality, safety and compliance within embedded software,… Read more »