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Klocwork Management Console (KMC/EMC)

Emenda Management Console (EMC/KMC) for Klocwork EMC is a replacement for the much loved Klocwork Management Console (KMC) tool, replicating many of the project build facilities of the original but without the project management features now included in the new Klocwork Review web-portal. A KMC-lite, if you will… EMC is a Java-based graphical Klocwork build tool, which… Read more »

Klocwork Useful Scripts

Emenda offer the following Klocwork Useful Scripts, which you are free to download, modify and use for your applications (including commercial applications). Klocwork Build Removal Script The Klocwork Build Removal Script is a maintenance utility designed to prevent an excessive number of builds accumulating and taking up storage space. Within the script, a maximum number… Read more »